Having healthy snacks at school is as important as having a healthy lunch. Use these tips and ideas for snacks that will help keep you energized throughout the day:


Think ahead.

Many snacks can be prepared in advance and enjoyed later. This makes it even easier to grab and go on busy mornings.


Pita power.

Spread a whole grain pita with hummus and roll it up. Or simply cut the pita into triangles and use it to dip into hummus or nut butter.


Grab some grapes.

Wash a handful of grapes and put them in a reusable container.


Easy edamame.

Edamame can be a fun snack in the shell or out. Microwave a handful of frozen edamame either at home or at school. Add some black pepper or cayenne for extra flavour.


Make your own trail mix.

Add whole grain cereals, different nuts or seeds, or popcorn. You can make it tasty by sprinkling it with cinnamon, paprika, chilli powder or cumin.