About the Pursue Your Passion In-Class educational experience


The Pursue Your Passion program educates students in grades 7-12 on the risks of cannabis use on mental health and brain function. It also introduces the concept of pursuing activities that can help students feel their best without the potential health and safety risks of cannabis use.

Did you know that Canadian and American teenagers use cannabis more frequently than any other teenagers in the world? Some may be struggling with mental health and are using cannabis to cope. Although it may feel like cannabis helps immediately after use, using it often can make a person feel worse over time. This is why it’s important to reach this age group and discuss the health and safety information surrounding cannabis.

Pursue Your Passion is an interactive, free and virtual program presented by two trained facilitators who will engage students with activities, quizzes, and Q&A sessions.

A Pursue Your Passion session is:

• for grades 7 to 10 (ages 13 to 15);

• 45 to 60 minutes in duration;

• Available in English or French; and

• Suitable for classes of up to 50 students.

Detailed instructions and resources will be provided to teachers upon booking.

Technical details:

• Sessions will be hosted on the preferred platform of your school (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Webinar).

• Classes will need access to computers, tablets, or mobile phones for each participant.*

*Accommodations can be made to adapt the virtual program to fit the technology available to your school and students (contact us to discuss if accommodations are needed).

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Topics explored throughout the session include:

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